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October 2, 2018, 5:27 PM

Transition/Discernment Committee



The Transition Team was appointed by the Vestry in May 2018 as the first step to finding a new Priest. The team was commissioned in June by Fr. Skillicorn during regular services.


Members of the Transition Committee are:

Irene Parker, Chairperson Ray Mullen Joe Dominguez

Judy Conrad, Vice-Chairperson Bob Ferris Elena Pascal

Rita McQuilkin -Chaplain


The Vestry of Saint Paul’s Church, Bound Brook, NJ charges the Transition Committee to:


Ø Prayerfully and purposefully conduct a process of discernment to articulate the mission, vision, and ministry of Saint Paul’s.


Ø Develop a communications plan, report regularly to the Vestry, and keep the parishioners of Saint Paul’s informed on their progress.


Ø With parishioners input, describe the current life of the Church with assistance from Michel Redpath, the Transition Coordinator.


Ø Discern a “Ministry Profile” that reflects the characteristics desired in a Priest-In-Charge that will join with us to maintain the mission and ministry of Saint Paul’s.


Ø Interview and communicate with candidates and arrange for visits to Saint Paul’s and, as appropriate, visits to final candidates. Ideally, the Transition Committee will recommend a final candidate for Vestry interview and recommendation to the Bishop.


Discernment is not, as often suggested in our ecclesiastical environment, the endless forestalling of decision, nor is it getting what one wants with the added presumption that the Holy Spirit sanctions every thought or feeling. Discernment is always a risk, and always a responsibility. Discernment cannot cut off the possibility of error, and thus continued vigilance and humility are essential. The committee embraces this responsibility and commitment to our task.


The process began with a Congregational Conversation held on June 24th and attended by 29 parishioners. Attendees were asked to answer a series of 4 questions. Members of the team have compiled the list of responses which will we have used in our search for a Priest-In-Charge.


Part of the Diocesan process is that we’re required to have an Audit of the Church accounts and have a licensed building inspector prepare a report. Both items are currently being worked on. I hope you will take notice of the improvements that are happening around the Church and Rennell Hall. Many volunteers are lending their time, skills and elbow grease to spruce up our surroundings. We welcome any and all to lend a hand.

I have also arranged for the “Anti-Racism” program to be held here at St. Paul’s on Saturday, September 29th at 11:00 AM. The meeting is open to all that would like to attend. Please call or email me so that I can give the Diocese an accurate count of the numbers attending.


Irene Parker, Chairman

732-715-3810 Cell Phone


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