Bob Fogarty Dedication (1955-2010)
St. Paulís would like to dedicate this page to Bob Fogarty. He was a 15-year parishioner who passed away after a long illness. Bob was ďeverybodyís computer guyĒ and he is the one who brought St. Paulís into the 21st Century with his technology skills. He created the original St. Paulís webpage, which has now been redesigned to keep up with the times, as Bob would have wanted. Below is the eulogy that was read at his funeral, which really embodies who he was. It was written by his wife, Anne, and read by his brother, Jim:
In loving memory of Bob Fogarty
We are here today to celebrate the life of Bob Fogarty. Husband, father, brother, son, and friend, a kind and loving soul. He was also everybodyís computer guy. Iím sure that more than half of you here would raise your hand if I asked how many of you had asked Bob at one time or another to look at your computer, your printer, or your network. And that includes Father Reggie. He was always more than willing to help anyone out because it combined the two things he truly enjoyed: technology and helping people At work, he was known as the upbeat, can-do, will-do, done, kind of friend and man. Bobby was able to convey a confidence that a real person was at the end of the help line. He made others feel better and solved problems easily and with a smile. Yet when anyone asked him about his job, he would say, every time, "I don't have a job. I get paid for my hobby." He had a lot of diverse interests beyond technology, however. He was an awesome guitar and banjo player, and never once in his life did he take a lesson. He could listen to any song played on the guitar or banjo, and play it almost perfectly the first time. He also loved classic cars. One of his favorite things to do was to drive his 1966 Mustang to Somerville on Friday nights, walk around, look at the cars and talk to the people. He also spent many weekends in Wildwood at the Spring and Fall Classic Car shows. And although he was never a Boy Scout himself, he was involved with his sons in Boy Scouts, and went on many tours and camping trips with them. One of his offbeat hobbies was his PEZ collection. Bob has well over 300 PEZ dispensers, and a large collection of PEZ products, from a clock to a watch to even a beer mug. He was also an active member of his church, and enjoyed working around the church doing handy work, going to services, participating in the Lunch on Us program and mingling with the special friends he made here. His favorite music to listen to was bluegrass, Celtic, Christian, Brian Setzer and ACDC. Quite an eclectic mix. Last of all, and most important, Bob was a family man. Itís no secret that the people most dear to his heart were his wife, Anne, and kids. He truly found a soulmate in Anne. They were able to talk to each other without saying a word, and they were able to make each other laugh. They shared many of the same values, and any differences in their personalities balanced out their relationship. If you ever asked him what his favorite thing was to do, he would, without a doubt, tell you it was spending time with his family, whether it was touring a foreign country, lying on the beach, or all four of them cuddled up under a blanket on the couch watching an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. . I once asked him what was on his ďBucket ListĒ. He said he didnít have one. He was truly happy with what he had. Bob had a unique ability to count his blessings instead of focusing on what he didnít have. Bob is going to be missed in this world. He now resides with his parents and grandparents in Godís kingdom, continuing to watch over his family. ~Anne Fogarty
  July 2021  
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