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John Muir and Hudson Stuck - Thought for Now, 4/22/2020
April 23, 2020, 8:26 AM

When researching the people the church honors today - John Muir and Hudson Stuck - it was difficult to find pictures of the men themselves.  Most of the pictures I found showed beautiful mountains against clear, blue skies.  It took a bit of research to see what the men looked like – and it wasn’t just because these men lived about 100 years ago.  I think that there weren’t many pictures of these men because their passion lay outside themselves.  They cared more about the sustainability of creation than their personal legacy.  Muir’s and Stuck’s legacies lie in the natural world – not frozen in a headshot.

Questions for Reflection: What are your passions?  What is your legacy?  How are your passions and your legacy connected?

May we, like John Muir and Hudson Stuck, connect our passions and our legacies for the sanctity of God’s creation.  Amen.

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