Our Mission Statement
St. Paul's family glorifies God through the teachings of Christ and ministers to the community through fellowship and service to all who would enter our doors.


"St. Paul's family..."

Parish programs are important to us as they have traditionally drawn people to St. Paul's and keep them coming. They are the vehicles by which parishioners socialize and form common bonds. They make us family. While the laity often establishes and runs these programs, the emotional, spiritual and administrative support of the rector is critical to maintaining and growing our parish programs to be inclusive of the whole parish.


"...glorifies God through the teachings of Christ..."

The ability to promote spiritual growth and commitment is an important attribute for our rector. She offers us spiritual guidance and lead us in our life of prayer. Faith development through Christian education for all ages requires the leadership of a rector that can reach parishioners of various generations. Children's homilies, informative and motivational sermons, and Bible study programs are formats that have contributed to our faith development. The Spirit lives within St. Paul's and we look to our rector to continually renew our spiritual life.


"...and ministers to the community through fellowship and service..."


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