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Transfiguration - Thought for the Week, 8/7/19
August 7, 2019, 12:00 AM

August 6 is the Feast of Christ’s Transfiguration. A record of this important event is found in the ninth chapter of Luke’s Gospel. Christ’s Transfiguration finds Jesus on a mountaintop with a few of his disciples. Luke’s Gospel says that Jesus’ clothes “became dazzling white” when Moses and Elijah appear. Peter wants to freeze this glorious moment of enjoying the full revelation of God to the world – especially as he hears a voice from heaven proclaiming Jesus as God’s Beloved. Peter’s desire to keep Jesus frozen in this exciting moment is understandable. We can recognize Peter’s desire to hold on to moments of closeness with Jesus. But our lives of faith are not only made up of moments of dazzling clothes and voices from heaven. Our lives as Christians can also be marked by periods of feeling distant from God. How can we hold on to experiences of closeness with God and allow those moments to sustain us in distant periods?

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