Rev. Kristen C. Foley

The Reverend Kristen C. Foley is our Priest-In-Charge, gratefully serving the people of St. Paul's Episcopal Church and the community of Bound Brook.  In addition to being an award-winning preacher, Reverend Foley has a passion for outreach and lifelong Christian education, believing that people's lives change from hearing and experiencing the great Good News of God's love in Jesus Christ.

Reverend Foley also studies part-time for a Doctor of Ministry at Drew Theological School in Madison, NJ.  She lives in North Plainfield with her partner of more than15 years, Ann-Marie Aymer.



Church Secretary

Sheri Hall

Sheri joined our staff in June 2016, and has become a valuable asset to the St. Paul's family.  Each week our Sunday Bulletin contains a list of announcements including which families are providing Coffee Hour, Lunch-On-Us, etc.  It also tells us who is serving on the Altar and which members are responsible for the various readings during the service.  The St. Paul's website is also updated with this information.  All this is thanks to our Parish Secretary, Sheri Hall.  Her responsibilities include updating the "Parish Prayer List" and "Prayers of the People".  She's the one that sends out Rev. Foley's "Thought for the Week", and the reminders to those involved in the upcoming weeks activities.  If you need an email to go out to all the parishioners, call Sheri.  If you need a flyer created and posted Sheri's the one to ask.

Sheri also assists the Priest and Vestry with correspondence, phone calls, messages and general office management.  She maintains the records of births, marriages, deaths, and baptisms.  She gathers the reports and prints the books for our Annual Meeting, and emails/mails the quarterly "Good News".  Sheri also assists the Vestry Warden with emailing the monthly meeting minutes.

Sheri is generally in the office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week.  While her hours are flexible she usually is there from 10:30am-2:30pm.  She will always help if you call with a problem or a question.  We are blessed to have Sheri as part of our church community.


Dave Colombaroni

If you ever wondered why the church grounds look so good or why the tiles in the chancel sparkle or who comes over to church early on Sunday morning in the winter months to put out the ice-melt look no further. Dave Colombaroni our sexton is responsible for this and much much more. Dave is a faithful member of St. Paul's. He and his wife Marie faithfully attend the 8 am service. Dave is also one of the people who serves us pancakes and sausage every third Sunday.
Dave's father moved his family from Belle Mead to Bound Brook when Dave was five years old. His father's business was in Bound Brook and he thought it was better to be closer. Dave has lived here ever since. Dave graduated from Bound Brook High School in 1956. While at BBHS Dave received all county honors his senior year in both basketball and baseball. After graduation Dave joined the US Army his initial job was to maintain the generator at a guided missile base in Pittsburgh. It was the height of the cold war and his unit's job was to protect the city. He and his fellow soldiers did a great job since the Soviets never attacked Pittsburgh. Dave also spent some time in Formosa (i.e. Taiwan) where his Army unit worked in heavy construction. Our hats off to Dave and to all military personnel past and present for their service to our country.
Speaking of hats, Dave wears many. Baseball caps that is. Dave has several different team hats he wears but never a Yankee hat. Dave was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. Dave is a true fan and a veritable walking Baseball Encyclopedia. Dave also has a tremendous amount of knowledge about Bound Brook and history in general.
Dave became St. Paul’s Sexton two years ago when Al Snyder and his wife moved to Pennsylvania. Dave married Marie in 1975. About that time Dave and his brother, Robert, took over their father's auto repair business and operated it until 2000. Dave says the reason he continues to attend St. Paul's is he likes the people. We sure like him.

  April 2020  
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