Lunch On Us

Leader: Meg Rothberg

Lunch On Us! A Saint Paul’s Ministry


Leader: Meg Rothberg


Lunch on us began in 1984 as a ministry to the community by Kathleen Appleby.


Oh, autumn in New Jersey . . . . . what a wonderful time of year! The air is crisp, the fallen leaves crunch under your feet.

If you get the urge at this time of year to simmer delicious pots of beef stew or hearty soups, or to bake luscious cakes, then we want you for our Lunch On Us ministry!

Lunch On Us is, quite simply, a wonderful ministry here at Saint Paul’s. Each Sunday, a “volunteer team” prepares a meal for anyone in our community who walks through the doors of Rennell Hall. Guests have a variety of backgrounds and problems. One lady lives a few blocks from the church in a single room. Her rent takes about ¾ of her income. Another gentleman is homeless – he lives on the street. Not all our guests are poor but come for the company as much as for the meal. Some speak very little English. Those happy faces seen patiently waiting the noon hour is our reward. In the last 10 months, we have served approximately 540 lunches to our friends and neighbors here at Saint Paul’s.

Currently we have very dedicated teams, most of who have been diligently serving for many years now. The Lunch On Us ministry is looking to add to our core of volunteers. How you can help, you wonder. Well, that’s easy! All you need to do is join an existing team or form a new team and you too can share your culinary talents. Perhaps you have served on this ministry before and that little voice has been whispering in your ear of late. Perhaps you have always wanted to help others but you just aren’t sure how you can make a difference. In any case, please consider this wonderful ministry. I am anxious to speak to you about the Lunch On Us ministry, and to answer any questions that you may have.

Volunteers are always welcome. I look forward to seeing you in the kitchen!

Lunch on us is served from the Sunday after Labor Day through the month of June.


  September 2020  
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