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Parish Activities

St. Paul’s has many who provide ministry through their Music, both the Adult and the Children’s Choir, teaching Sunday School , preparing the Altar for services, hosting Coffee Hour, preparing Lunch on Us, and many behind the scenes projects.

From September through May, members from each service come together to share and enjoy a Pancake Breakfast in Rennell Hall. On the 3rd Sunday of the month, the Pancake guys prepare sausages, pancakes, coffee, tea, and juice, and clean up while we visit with each other.

For over 25 years, St. Paul’s members have provided a Sunday luncheon for anyone in need of nourishment or companionship in the local area. The Lunch on Us program begins after Labor Day and lasts into June. Five Sundays a year, the Mom’s Group, a community based program, offers their service in preparing a meal for our Guests, as they also feel a personal reward in doing God’s work.

Four times a year we host the day portion for Fish Hospitality. Fish is a group of (essentially) homeless women and their children who receive assistance as they move forward in regaining their independence.

Fund raisers occur 3 times a year. Over 200 people are called by parishioners each spring and fall to inform them of the Rummage Sale, and the Silent Auction in November.

Community based groups meet in Rennell Hall on a regular basis. We sponsor Boy Scout Troop 40 who meets here weekly, and we offer space for the Cub Scouts who are sponsored by the Church across the street. Additionally, we provide a place for two ESL groups; the early and advanced English as a Second Language. A group of approximately 50 AA members are here weekly, as are the Mom’s Group previously mentioned. Monthly, we provide a place for the Literary Guild, and for the Blood Drive.

As you can see, St. Paul’s is a vibrant and active parish who share their love through helping hands for many.

Parish Activities